Use of Mobile Phone Affects our Brain Age & Memory System

Use of Mobile Phone Affects our Brain Age & Memory SystemOur brain memory is badly effecting due to mobile phones and the power of our brain is reducing because of mobile phones and internet. It has been revealed recently in a research that people don’t remember their relative’s phone numbers, Birthdays, meetings and other things and they get help from mobile phone and internet. A security company Kaspersky launched a survey recently in which they asked the family’s phone numbers from six thousands Europeans in six countries whose age was over 16 years. The interesting result was that 47% peoples was not remembered their family’s phone number. While 49% peoples was remember their life partner phone number, 71% was their offices and work place while the other 71% was remember their children’s phone number.

Same like this, they asked some other questions from the peoples but instead of answering them by their own knowledge and common sense, 36% peoples try to get help from internet to answer the questions. The interesting thing is that after search from internet, 24% peoples accepted that they have not remembered the answer now.

Experts say that this is because people rely on mobile phones and internet to remember the phone numbers, birthdays, meetings and other things. As a result of which they may not a good enough memory and to become slave of mobile phones gets badly effects on our memory system and we don’t remember things for a long time.

The psychologists say that our brain works in a way that if we put burden on our brain, then it remember things but if people search alternative ways of to do work and put these alternative and easy ways into brain, then they don’t put force on mind and then because of this we lost the power of thinking, our brain becomes dull and lazy and the final result becomes as the low memory problems.

Use of Mobile Phone Affects our Brain Age & Memory System

Use of Mobile Phone Affects our Brain Age & Memory System

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