Simple Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills, Energy Saving Tips

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In summer season, the use of fans and air conditions becomes the cause of extra usage of electricity and ultimately becomes extra electricity bill. However you can bring big reduction in your electricity bills by adopting some useful steps given below.

Tips to Save Electricity:

Here is some important energy saving tips through which you can not only save electricity but also can reduce electricity bills.

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Completely Switch Off Home Appliances:

In home or office some electrical appliances especially which operates by remote control consumes large amount of electricity even after power off.  For example when you power off your television by remote control and not switch off their main supply, it consumes electricity hundreds kilo watts per year. Therefore to save energy and reduce electricity bill, always power off your television by switching off their main supply instead of remote control so it can be disconnect from main electrical supply.

Electricity Usage Hours:

Unit price of electricity in Pakistan is different day and night. Therefore for saving electricity, use heavy power electrical appliances like Iron, Motor, washing machine at day time when unit price of electricity is less and avoid the heavy power electrical appliances in the night when unit price is more. In this way you can reduce electricity bill approximately 30%.

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Don’t use dryer:

Washing machine’s dryer eats a lot of electrical power. If you are used to dry your clothes by dryer then thousands of rupees increases in your annual electricity bills. Therefore don’t use dryer and dry your clothes by hanging them in sunshine.

Proper Use of Refrigerator:

Avoid keeping hot food in refrigerator because when you keep hot food in refrigerator, the motor of refrigerator runs long time and work faster. So refrigerator spends more energy to cool hot food. Therefore to reduce or save electricity, try to cool the hot food first and then keep it in refrigerator. (Keep in mind that in this way there is chance to make germs in food by keeping it without fridge). Beside it, clean the refrigerator coil twice a year.

Use Energy Saving Bulbs (LED Lights):

You can reduce or save electricity approximately 80% by using the LED lights instead of ordinary lights. Ordinary bulbs consume much electricity then the LED bulbs. If ordinary bulb consumes the electricity of thousands rupees per month, then the LED bulb consumes three to four hundred rupees per month.

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Look After the Electrical Appliances:

Peoples leave the charger, laptop, cables etc. in plug socket and don’t off the switch also. Advance charger consumes very less electrical power but experts say that continuous neglecting this issue can increase the electricity bills. Experts say that every charger connected with walls consumes little quantity of electricity if they don’t power off them.

Some Extra Tips to Save Electricity and Reduce Electricity Bills:

Use light color of painting in your rooms instead of dark color to keep your room more shine even in dim lights.

Keep your air conditions on 24 degree and gets its filter cleaning twice a year.

Save electricity by applying curtains, blinds or shutters on doors and windows to prevent sunshine and keep the room cool.

Always install the AC units under the shades to increase the efficiency of air conditions.

Simple Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills, Energy Saving TipsSimple Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills, Energy Saving TipsSimple Ways to Reduce Electricity Bills, Energy Saving Tips

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