How to Use Whatsapp without phone number/Sim card on Android

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Today I will tell you how to use whatsapp without your own number or without SIM card. You can use this trick to install whatsapp on tablet or any other device where you have access on internet but not SIM card. You can also use this trick to prank someone or chat to someone with a fake number. So follow the bellow steps and enjoy the trick.

  1. First of all if you have already installed the whatsapp on your device or phone you have to uninstall it first and then go to second step.
  2. Now turn on your WIFI internet and go to your Android Play store.
  3. After opening the Play Store, Go to search box on the top of Play store and type “vovox”.
  4. After search this, you will see the vovox app.
  5. Download this app and install it on your phone/tablet device.
  6. After the installation of the app, just open it and click on “Sign Me Up”.
  7. Now fill all the information like real phone number, email, user name and password etc.
  8. Enter all these information and click “Sign Up”.
  9. Now you will get the activation code on you mobile number by SMS.
  10. Copy this code from your inbox and type it in your vovox application and click on verify.
  11. After verifying vovox app the app will be open and you will see different navigations like MESSAGES, CALLS, CONTACT, STATUS and MORE.
  12. Click on MORE and you will see a vovox number for your whatsapp. This is a fake U.S number which you will use for chatting on whatsapp.
  13. Now you have got the fake number for whatsapp. Just note down this number on paper and go to next step.
  14. Now switch your mobile phone to Airplane Mode.
  15. Go to Play Store and download whatsapp and install it.
  16. During installation, when it asks to enter the number, enter vovox number which you have written on paper. Keep in mind that in country, select the U.S country from drop down list and enter the vovox number in the Phone Number area without 1. Like (323)…… and click on ok.
  17. Now wait sometime (4-5mint) and you will get a link and activation code to Vovox application.
  18. Open the vovox message and just click on the link given in vovox message or copy the activation code from vovox message.
  19. After clicking on the link, you will automatically go in whatsapp and you will see it install successfully. Or enter the activation code manually if you are using another device.
  20. Now type a name for your account and you can use this U.S fake number to chat anyone or prank anyone.

If you have any question, ask me by comment below.

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