How to use a Breadboard, Electronic Breadboard Tutorial:

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Breadboard is an instrument which is used to make temporary circuits for testing purpose. Usually it is used in Engineering or Physics Labs Experiment the lab tasks. We can change and replace the components on Brea board because there is no soldering required placing the components on Bread Board. Almost all the electronics components are Breadboard friendly which means components are not damaged and we can reuse them after testing on bread boards. This video shows the brief breadboard tutorial with examples.

Wiring on Bread Boards:

There are lots of tiny holes on breadboard arranged on 0.1’’ square box. We can insert the components in these holes by following the specific rule of breadboard which is explains in the video. The ICs are inserted across the middle gap of breadboard. See the above video for more details.

There are four joints on each breadboard. The upper first portion and the lower 4th portion of the breadboard are connected horizontally. Which means the first hole and the last hole of horizontal line are connected together. See the above video for detail.

Similarly the two middle parts of breadboard are connected vertically. This means all the five holes are connected vertically by each other. The detail tutorial is shown in the above video.

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