How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock Password Without Reset

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Today we will tell you how to recover your pattern lock password if you have forgotten it. It is very simple. Many peoples forget their password and the result becomes that you cannot open any app or any item of your phone until you enter right password or remove this password. So there are three methods to solve this problem.

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Method 1:

Remove pattern lock using Google Account/Answer the Security Question:

This method is very simple just follow the given steps one by one.

  1. Enter a wrong password five times on your lock screen.
  2. When you enter a wrong password five times, Then a message POP-Up will be open and shows two buttons “next” and “try Again”

(Some models may be saying “You have incorrectly drawn ……….. Please try again after 30 seconds. After 30 seconds it will show you a button “Forget pattern”. Click on this button and go on next step.)

  1. Click on “next” button.
  2. Now you will see two options for unlock your screen pattern. One is “answer the security questions” and the second is “Provide Google Account details”.
  3. If you were set the security question at the time of setting password then you simply answer these questions and unlock your phone. Otherwise check on “Provide Google Account details” and click on “next”.
  4. Now provide your Google Account details User Name and Password which you have attached with your phone or device.
  5. Click on “sign in”.
  6. After clicking on “sign in”, a new screen will be open and asks you to enter a new password. Now you can choose a new password and unlock with this new pattern password.

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Method 2:

Remove pattern lock using Computer/Laptop:

This method is used with the help of computer. Connect your phone device with computer with the help of data cable and follow these steps:

  1. Connect your device with Computer and turn on USB debugging mode.
  2. Now click on start button of your PC desktop.
  3. Click on “RUN”
  4. Type CMD.
  5. A black screen will be open on your desktop. Enter the code which is given below.


sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where


update system set value=0 where

name=’lockscreen.lockedout permanently’;


  1. After applying the above code, press “enter” from your key board.
  2. Restart your phone and you will prompt to a screen asking enter new password. Now you can create new password for your phone.

If above both methods not work, the final option is to reset your phone. This method is given below.

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Method 3:

Remove pattern lock using Rest factory:

(Note: By this method all the data of your phone will be deleted and your phone will become like a new one purchase. So copy all your contact in memory card if you can do.)

  1. Power off your phone/device.
  2. Press “Volume up+Home button+power button” at the same time.

(Some models have not home button. On these models press “Volume up+Volume down button+power button”)

  1. Wait 3-4 seconds until your phone or device starts.
  2. When your device becomes starts, a screen will be open on your phone with a list of different options.
  3. Use Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to choose the option of the list.
  4. There may be an option like factory reset or data reset or something like this. Choose this option and press power button to select it.
  5. It will asks you to confirm this action, Click “yes”
  6. Wait some time until your phone/device start again completely. When it start completely it will become by default settings like when you was purchase it.

So enjoy the trick and if you have any question, feel free to ask by comment below.

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