How to Make Good CV or Resume & Job Hunting/Resume Writing Tips

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In this lecture Mr.Jibran Bashir is revealing the ideas of Art of CV Preparation & Job Hunting. How to introduce yourself in Job Market, How to promote yourself by your Resume, Which tools and techniques you should use to hunt a best job. What is CV and what are the objective to make a good CV.

How to Make Good CV or Resume & Job Hunting Video:

When you leave the colleges or universities and go about looking for job and career building, the first thing which will introduce you in any organization is a CV/RESUME. The CV/RESUME is a detailed snapshot of your professional and academic life but many students are unaware of even how to write a good CV/RESUME. Therefore if your CV/RESUME is not written properly, you cannot brand yourself in any organization. So below is a video of Art of CV/RESUME preparation by career expert Mr.Jibran Bashir in Urdu/Hindi. Listen the video and read the notes given below and if you have any question feel free to contact us by comment section below.


A CV/RESUME is a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills. The CV/RESUME is a detailed snapshot of your professional and academic life. The role of CV/RESUME is to get you an interview, not to get you the job.


  • Header
  • Personal profile
  • Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Honors/Activities
  • Research Experience/ Projects

Rules of writing a CV/RESUME:

  • The CV/RESUME should be Relevant, Clear and Concise.
  • No typing errors.
  • No spelling and grammar errors.
  • No abbreviations.
  • Do not tell a lie or mistruth.
  • Do not include any negative information.

Header Section:

  • Name (Must be the first line of resume, Bold, Larger than the largest font used in body)
  • Address (Current address preferable)
  • Email Address (Use professional Email Addresses preferably with Name. don’t use silly email address)
  • Phone number (Preferably use both home and cell phone numbers)

The Career Objective:

  • Optional but highly recommended.
  • Statement must be clear, concise and to the point.
  • Example: “To obtain a position as an Administrative Assistant in a hospital setting.”

Work Experience

  • Experience should be listed in reverse chronological order.
  • POSITION TITLE, ORGANIZATION NAME, CITY, STATE/PROVINCE, DATES EMPLOYED (Include months unless this shows big gaps of unemployment).
  • Describes the specific roles in bullets.

Education section:

  • List the most recent education first.
  • Mention Date of Completion and University/College name.
  • Percentage only if you obtained good percentage.
  • List the Academic honors.
  • Don’t include high school (unless this is your highest level of education).

Activities and Honors:

  • Mention the scholarships, memberships Community work, volunteer work etc.
  • Don’t include anything from before college.
  • Avoid controversial topics such as Politics, Religion etc.
  • For Fresher, you may mention extra-curricular activities, which would highlight your suitability to the job.

Research Experience/ Projects:

  • Focus on relevant research experience.
  • Must include the graduate level research.
  • In reverse chronological order.


  • This must come as a separate document using the same header on resume.
  • Do not send to employer unless they request it.
  • Between 3 to 5 references include (All individuals with direct knowledge of your job abilities. Or a professor of main subjects),
  • Ask the permission of references before giving their names and numbers.

Do’s in CV/RESUME Writing:

  • 1 to 2 pages.
  • Write in telegraphic style- without verbs, articles or connectives.
  • 10-12 font size.
  • Times New Roman, Arial, Bookman, Trebuchet, Lucida Sans, Garamond, Verdana etc.
  • Be consistent with fonts/size/bold/italics etc.
  • Spread out information.
  • Indented or bulleted statements.
  • Bolding, different size fonts.
  • Your name should be largest font on page.
  • Write in third person.

Avoids in CV/RESUME Writing:

  • Height, weight, place of birth, marital status, race, caste, religion and health.
  • Fancy Fonts, Clip art or non-traditional paper.
  • Don’t go for bordered paper.
  • Don’t fold resume, don’t stuff into envelope and don’t crumple.
  • Avoid Details of Travels.
  • Religion, church affiliations, political affiliations.

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