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This incident occur in a small village of India kerakat uttar Pradesh where a young women praying namaz on the top of 6 feet high tree. A young lady seeing to performing namaz on the tree in the small village of India kerakat uttar Pradesh. A large amount of peoples gathered below the tree to see this unknown woman praying namaz. Nobody knows that where from this woman comes and where she goes after namaz. Nobody see the woman to neither climb up the tree nor come back from tree after pray namaz. All the peoples and news reporters are shocked about this viral video and searching the secret behind this incident. You can see the below video where young woman wear green and pink dress clearly seeing the praying namaz on top of the tree. Please see the below video and give your thoughts by commenting below. Also share this video to your friends so that anyone can see this video and can give their opinion about secret of this woman.

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Did you know that there is something in the males body that most of the females not like it? And if you have this in your body, then get rid of it immediately.

In few days ago, the journal of women’s health revealed in the survey that most women are not like the long hairs in the men’s nose. Four hundred women were asked in the survey that if they hate the mouth smell of the men or outstretched hairs of nose? Then 46% of the women replied that they can talk with such a man who has smell in the mouth but they can never talk with a man who has long stretched hair in his nose.

Experts say that men do not feel this slightest mistake and they trim their nose hairs rarely. Experts say that although the nose hairs are important in this way that they resist the dust to enter in the nose, but this is unnecessary to grow them outstretched. It is better that should make trimming them after 1 to 2 weeks letter.

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